Driving Global Business with Cutting-edge Technology: JOYNEXT Shares Insights on Product Globalization

As Chinese New Electronics Vehicle brands gradually establish a leading edge in electrification, intelligence, and other technologies fields, the “Strategy of Globalization” is increasingly being mentioned in the industry. Mr. Kyle Zhu, Chief Technology Officer of JOYNEXT Asia, was invited to deliver a keynote speech about “Overseas Business and Product Globalization” at Chinese Automotive Software and Ecosystem Conference, which held in Wuhan, China on June 22.


Amid the trends of centralized E/E architectures and software-defined vehicles, JOYNEXT is driving cost-efficient design and offers solutions in intelligent cockpits, smart connectivity, autonomous driving, body security, and software solutions. Mr. Kyle Zhu emphasized that JOYNEXT’s global product solutions effectively address industry challenges, including cross-regional data interoperability and diverse user needs.


Live photo of keynote speech


JOYNEXT’s global solutions are widely used in the fields of intelligent cockpits and smart connectivity, which has been applied to over 20 million vehicles worldwide. In recent year, JOYNEXT is also constantly driving innovation to enhance user experience with new products. A new product, nAccess - UWB Digital Key, was also displayed at the conference. The nAccess digital key adopts a full-stack hardware and software solution, integrating BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), UWB (Ultra-wideband), and CPD (Child Presence Detection), while reusing anchor points to reduce costs and significantly enhance product performance and reliability. Additionally, this product complies with multiple standards such as CCC/ICCE/ICCOA, making it suitable for different global markets.


nAccess – UWB Digital Key Solution


 “JOYNEXT hopes to provide global users with higher quality and reliable products and services. We will adopt an open and collaborative mindset, exploring the boundless possibilities of intelligent mobility with global partners.” Mr. Kyle Zhu addressed the conference.


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