Body Security

Body Security

To provide a more Intelligent and safer driving experience, JOYNEXT focuses on product innovation in vehicle intelligent control and safety.


Many scenarios in daily driving, such as the foot-activated tailgate, keyless entry, and child presence detection, are controlled by the body control and sensor function units. JOYNEXT’s products can meet various market standards and information security requirements, ensuring stable operation of each function under extreme conditions. Looking towards the future centralized E/E architecture, JOYNEXT can also integrate various control units, sensors, and intelligent power distribution into zonal controllers, enhancing vehicle coordination and intelligence to a higher level.


Balancing intelligence and safety, JOYNEXT also pays attention to intelligent vehicle safety. The Data Storage System for Autonomous Driving, acting as the “black box” of the intelligent vehicle era, records specific data from L3 and above autonomous driving, enabling a safer future of human-machine co-driving.

    Zonal Controller Zonal Controller Zonal Controller

    nZone Series: Independent zonal management solution that enhances edge computing capabilities and improves the overall utilization rate of computing resources. It is well-suited for advanced domain fusion and centralized computing E/E architecture.


    Product Features

    • Key components of further domain fusion/centralized computing E/E architecture and SDV implementation

    • Independent zonal management solution of providing the edge computing capability, improving the overall computing use rate

    • Reduce the complexity of E/E architecture and be more effective on SDV

    • Replaced Body Controller, VCU, Fuse Box and Central Gateway partially or completely, and reassemble their functions by physical location and region

    • Adopt scalable design, meeting the customer specific requirements and diversity of vehicle models

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    Data Storage System for Autonomous Driving Data Storage System for Autonomous Driving Data Storage System for Autonomous Driving

    nData Series: Automated Driving Data Storage System with Compliance, Controllable Costs and High Scalability


    Product Features

    • Standalone system equipped on an automated driving (L3-L5) vehicle, which independent with AD controller. Matching with requirements for storage system while automated vehicles are in charge for driving
    • Functions: monitors, collects, records, and stores related data when ADS engages
    • Auto grade, mass-production & factory-installed
    • An autonomous and controllable system
    • Complied with Chinese, European, American regulations
    • In-house cloud service
    • Virtual scenarios creation
    • Creating virtual scenarios out of recorded data from automated vehicle to make available for OEM to retrain autonomous driving models and to learn from the streets

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    Digital Key Digital Key Digital Key

    nAccess Series: CCC/ICCE/ICCOA For Different Markets


    Product Features

    • Providing full-stack services, supporting integrate various sensing system and distributed algorithms, meeting OEM’s customized requirements and bring a better user experience

    • Positioned as a cost-effective solution, reduce anchors by more than 50% via the new platform-based solution (Anchors can be reused in Kick Radar, Living Radar, etc.)

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    Sensing System Sensing System Sensing System

    nSensor Series:SW & HW Full-stack Solutions For Kicking Radar And Living Radar, Integrated AI To Be More Accurate And Cover More Detection Scenarios

    Product Features

    • SW & HW integrated solutions for Kick Radar & Living Radar, support customized expansion based on OEM demands
    • Rich worldwide ecology, as well as production and manufacturing capabilities
    • Provide more accurate and cover more detection scenarios via AI-integrated solutions
    • Bring users an excellent experience through high-precision, high-stability, anti-overflow and other algorithm strategies

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