Software Solutions & Services

Software Solutions & Services

As E/E architecture evolves toward centralization, software has played a larger role in function definitions, development, and verification of software-defined vehicles. Automotive developers are committed to providing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI), electrified powertrains, autonomous driving, etc., so the industry is facing the challenge of the increasing complexity of software.


For years, JOYNEXT has always stayed committed to the “software-hardware integration” approach. In addition to building the "hardware" R&D and mass production capabilities, we constantly strengthen our "software" capabilities and seek to create a platform-based hardware solution and achieve efficiency in software development. Our software capabilities have been verified by the hardware products launched one after another.


To reinforce the software business, we set up a specialized software company - NESINEXT in 2021. NESINEXT focuses its efforts on empowering the efficiency of mobility technologies and providing global-leading customized solutions for automotive manufacturers and component suppliers to promote the development of next-generation intelligent vehicles.

    HMI Solutions HMI Solutions HMI Solutions

    HMI Solutions: Comprehensive and High-Quality HMI Software Development

    NESINEXT’s HMI development services range from intelligent cockpit, autonomous driving to cockpit and driving domain fusion systems. Regarding HMI development, NESINEXT offers comprehensive and high-quality customized digital dashboards, infotainment systems, navigation and other HMI software services. The HMI software built on 3D technology can enable human-machine interactions, such as 3D digital humans and motions for driving assistance scenarios.


    Product Features

    • Refined 3D scenario design
    • 3D vehicle & scenario model optimization
    • 3D scenario & 3D main vehicle
    • Spatial interface design
    • Engine development and performance optimization


    Information & Communication Technology Solution Information & Communication Technology Solution Information & Communication Technology Solution

    ICT Solution: Secure, Reliable and Efficient Customized Software Services for Smart Connectivity

    Based on the competitive edge in the mass production of smart connectivity products, NESINEXT focuses efforts on ICT technology innovation. By optimizing the information interaction between the vehicle communication system and the external environment, we constantly improve safety, reduce traffic congestion, and contribute to intelligent urban traffic and sustainable mobility. Currently, NESINEXT provides a number of global OEMs with communication products and solutions for vehicle-road collaboration, mainly in markets of China, North America and Europe.


    Product Features

    • Safe and reliable communication performance of V2X, conform to the standards of major global markets such as China, the North America and Europe
    • On-board V2X terminal and roadside units for mainstream V2X communication chips
    • CSAE Day1 & Day2 scenarios and third-party customized scenario algorithm
    • Support SOA architecture and OTA upgrade
    • Support ADAS data fusion


    Basic Software Solution Basic Software Solution Basic Software Solution

    Basic Software Solution: Partnership with Elektrobit and Offers Basic Software Solutions with High Adaptability

    NESINEXT has a wealth of experience in developing AUTOSAR, MCU, middleware, and SOA, and reliable practice in mainstream AUTOSAR migration, matching and optimization. As a trustworthy solution provider to world-famous OEMs, NESINEXT can provide flexible, highly adaptive, and customized SOA solutions based on customer needs, as well as consistent and comprehensive technical support and services.


    Product Features

    • AUTOSAR SIP configuration and integration service
    • CDD development
    • OEM standard development
    • The design and implementation of AUTOSAR CP ASW architecture is based on SystemDesk /Prevision, Targetlink, Embedded Coder, and other tools
    • Transformation from traditional MBD model to AUTOSAR model


    Cockpit Solutions & Engineering Services Cockpit Solutions & Engineering Services Cockpit Solutions & Engineering Services

    Precise and Efficient Services, Empowering Global Innovation in Mobility Technology

    Relying on NESINEXT extensive R&D resources, and mature experience in software development and maintenance, NESINEXT can deliver customized software engineering services that meet customer demands rapidly and reliably.

    Currently, NESINEXT has 5 R&D centers and provides professional and efficient services to customers across the world with a global mindset.



    Intelligent User Operation Solution Intelligent User Operation Solution Intelligent User Operation Solution

    Global Cloud Services Based on AI Algorithms

    NESINEXT's global cloud and user operation solution provides cloud services based on AI algorithms, including OTA, remote vehicle control, and development of user operation middle platform.


    NavCore: Global Navigation Service

    NavCore comprises cloud-based hybrid navigation (online & offline capabilities) with several external 3rd party services for optimized and more efficient route calculation & planning, especially for new energy vehicles that would often require multi-stop route calculation and planning (e.g., from the point of departure to the charging site, and then to the destination). This solution supports North America, Europe and other markets, the test mileage is more than 5 million kilometers.



    HAI Solution HAI Solution HAI Solution

    HAI Solution: Empathetic and Multimodal Interaction Enables Cockpit More Intelligent and Personalized

    HAI empathic engine is a platform and system solution that can be equipped with the next-generation high-performance cockpit and intelligent driving domain fusion platform and even into the future central computing units. The adaptive personalized AI model for the end-user feedback loop is an innovative design of the HAI empathic engine. Through constant interaction with users, the model can proactively iterate, and update based on user's feedback and finally provides users with a personalized and intelligent experience.


    Product Features

    • Small AI model for vehicles: the data is only stored independently in the vehicle system without cloud backup, ensuring the security and privacy
    • Personalized recommendation models for adaptive learning: actively learning of user preferences and feedback to deliver personalized human-machine interaction experience
    • Multimodal platform for data fusion and processing: visualization tools help achieve real-time multimodal signal detection and debugging

    Learn more: JOYNEXT HAI Solution

    AR Core AR Core AR Core

    AR Core: Reducing Risks of Driver Distraction

    JOYNEXT AR Core module provides important information in front of drivers‘ sight, which combined with realistic road scenarios, particularly useful in complex driving conditions, so as to ensure that drivers stay focused on a safe drive. AR projection onto the HUD or integration into the infotainment screens are provided as in-vehicle video augmentation.


    Product Features

    • Scalable HW & SW set up for static and dynamic augmentation on HUD/infotainment systems
    • AR Core as SW component or ECU (HW & SW)
    • Potential to integrate DMS for gaze detection
    • Potential to enable the AI engine  to adapt features according to user preferences