Driving innovation in the automotive industry: JOYNEXT presents its technological expertise at the Automotive Electronics Congress 2024 in Ludwigsburg

JOYNEXT, a leading specialist in automotive electronics, will present technology products for connected and autonomous vehicles at the Automotive Electronics Congress 2024. The Automotive Electronics Congress (AEK), which will take place on June 18-19, 2024, in Ludwigsburg, Germany, is considered one of the most important industry events. The congress brings together leading experts, engineers and decision-makers from the automotive and electronics industries to discuss and promote the latest developments and trends in automotive electronics.


The topics of this year's congress cover a wide range of innovations and technologies that will shape the future of the automotive industry. A key theme will be the evolution of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and the challenges and opportunities they present on the road to autonomous driving. Experts will present new approaches to improve the safety and efficiency of these systems.


The congress will also take a deep dive into the world of networking. Topics such as vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication will be discussed to realize the vision of a fully connected and intelligent transportation infrastructure. JOYNEXT uses the Automotive Electronics Congress to present its latest technology products. 


Intelligent cockpit product for rapid volume production

This includes Android Embedded Device (AED), an innovative in-car digital experience system based on the Android OS. JOYNEXT integrates safety-related third-party applications, fulfills Google Automotive Service (GAS) and certification requirements, and offers modern communication methods with OTA updates. The compact head unit features a USB3.1 interface, an internal diagnostic tool, a SoC with LPDDR4X SDRAM, two PMICs for efficient power management and an intelligent cooling system. It extends existing main units with GAS applications, provides additional functionality, and enables cost-effective management and upgrades for OEMs while paving the way for Centralized Computing Units (CCU).


Innovative Vehicle Connectivity Solutions: Smart Connectivity Solutions

JOYNEXT will also introduce smart connectivity solutions, including 5G-based telematics control units (V2X TCU) and flat antennas. The dual-protocol implementation supports current and future applications and paves the way for autonomous driving. The modular design enables integration into different vehicle lines without increasing the number of TCU variants. Flexible, software-based updates and upgrades adapt to future market requirements. Decoupling the hardware TCU from V2X improves development and certification processes according to ASIL requirements and provides an adaptable, future-proof solution for vehicle connectivity.


E/E Architecture for Autonomous Driving: The nervous system of the future

Interested trade visitors will find a demo table at the JOYNEXT booth, where the automotive electronics specialist will explain its approach to E/E architecture. The E/E architecture (electrical/electronic architecture) for autonomous driving networks and controls all electronic components and systems in modern vehicles to ensure safety, reliability and performance. Central control units (ECUs) process sensor data, make real-time decisions, and control the vehicle. Sensors sense the environment and actuators execute commands from the ECUs. A high-speed network, often based on Ethernet, ensures seamless data transmission. Artificial intelligence, integrated into high-performance computers, recognizes patterns and makes decisions. Redundant systems and ASIL standards ensure operational safety even in the event of failures. This architecture increases the safety and efficiency of the vehicle, but places high demands on development and certification, especially regarding cybersecurity.


"The Automotive Electronics Congress not only provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, but also the opportunity to network with industry leaders and pioneers. Through the presentation of best practices, case studies and innovation presentations, the congress provides excellent impetus for the further development of automotive electronics," said Noby Mathew, Director of Products and Strategy at JOYNEXT GmbH. JOYNEXT's presence at the Automotive Electronics Congress underlines the company's commitment to advancing automotive technology and providing flexible and innovative solutions to its global customers.





JOYNEXT is a leading AutoTech company, the Automotive Connectivity Business Unit of Joyson Electronics. Headquarters in China, JOYNEXT marks our global presence in Germany, Poland, France, US, Japan, etc. We develop technologies for intelligent connected vehicles and provide a highly personalized mobility experience that is empathic, safe, and adaptable. Our 1,500+ employees work at 7 R&D centers, 3 global manufacturing locations, and 4 customer centers around the world.


For more than two decades, JOYNEXT has been working as the development partner and system supplier of renowned car manufacturers and established long-term partnerships with various well-known OEMs. Putting ourselves in the shoes of users, we are consistently working on intelligent cockpit, smart connectivity, autonomous driving, and software solutions & services for both, carmakers, and users, offering them a personalized mobility experience.


JOYNEXT is accelerating the shift to smart mobility with our integrated hardware and software solutions. Our intelligent cockpit and smart connectivity products are equipped in millions of vehicles worldwide, complemented by our capabilities in developing autonomous driving technologies and software products, which lay a solid foundation for the cockpit and driving fusion facing the era of Central Computing Units.


Balancing innovation with sustainability, we are committed to contributing to industry transformation together with our eco-partners, such as Microsoft, HUAWEI, Qualcomm, Horizon Robotics, Black Sesame, Elektrobit, and QNX to deliver a smarter driving experience for end users. www.JOYNEXT.com



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