Company History

  • 2021

    JOYNEXT obtains 5G-V2X orders from Ford's joint venture brand for a number of passenger and commercial cars, further increasing its share in the V2X market. 

    With capital investment into key sensors needed for autonomous driving, the company joins hands with Innovusion for the development and production of high-performance laser radars, which are expected to be put into mass production by the end of the year.

  • 2020

    Joyson Preh Car Connect merges with Preh Car Connect in Joyson Electronics to form the Smart Connectivity BU. Under the new brand name “JOYNEXT”, it embarked on a new journey.

    Raises RMB 720 million, and builds a strong reputation among investors and industry insiders despite a global pandemic and subsequent global economic slowdown. Wins nearly 20 public awards, as granted by customers, insiders, authorities and investors, in a true endorsement of the company’s strengths. 

    To date, JOYNEXT IVI and intelligent car networking systems have been used in more than ten million cars around the world.

  • 2019

    Furthering strategic cooperation in China, Joyson Preh Car Connect co-founds a Strategic Alliance of C-V2X Eco-partners with seven partners, in a bid to deepen field in vehicle-infrastructure collaboration. Concludes a strategic cooperation agreement with Microsoft (China), for exploring the field of digital connected infotainment in vehicles. After breakthroughs in new products and services, the company obtains an order that is one of the world’s first  mass-produced control systems, each integrated with 5G-V2X, high-accuracy positioning, and smart antennas. Begins working with Changan Ford on their navigation and infotainment platforms. 

    Preh Car Connect launches MIB3 to deliver next-gen networking and integrated online servics, such as cloud-based navigation.It also puts into mass production of Android-based navigation, and infotainment system for Audi. With a full range of products from underlying hardware and software, cloud services to OTA upgrading online inclusive, the company evolves from a software/hardware vendor to a provider of total automotive mobility solutions, incorporating cloud-based services.

  • 2017

    Joyson Preh Car Connect wins the order from SAIC-Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen for a platform-based, in-vehicle infotainment system project, with a 10 billion-level revenue for the first time. The global automotive platform is made available for operation on two systems concurrently: Linux+Android and Linux+Ali OS. 

    Preh Car Connect expands its business volume, supplying 4.7 million qualified products cumulatively to Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, and Audi, among other international OEMs, Preh Car Connect saw an ongoing expansion in its business volume.

  • 2016

    China’s premier automotive parts supplier, Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp. (Joyson Electronics), and its German subsidiary, Preh GmbH, take control of TechniSat's Automotive BU (JOYNEXT’s predecessor), founding Preh Car Connect. Later in the year, Joyson Preh Car Connect was incorporated in  Ningbo, China.

  • 2012

    For its ground-breaking radio broadcast and navigation system, RNS315, the company is named a “strategic partner of vital significance in the future of mobility” by the Volkswagen Group.

  • 2010

    The company's navigation system, designed and built in-house, is put into mass production in Volkswagen cars. After favorable customer feedback on the product, the company becomes a regular supplier, taking bulk orders. 

  • 2002

    The predecessor continues to grow. In response to surging customer demand for sophisticated wireless connection modules, the predecesssor upgrades its automobile radio product swith versatility, and starts taking large orders from Volkwagen, Seat, and Skoda, among other international OEMs.

  • 1997

    JOYNEXT’s predecessor is founded. Expands upon existing capabilities in automotive satellite and digital technology research and development. Develops IVI with navigation and networking features for many world-leading OEMs.