The magic of cinema: From idea to screen


It all started with the search for a unique central idea. Our aim is to inspire and captivate - to transport the viewer to another world: To our world, the world of technology and car enthusiasts. That means finding the right tone, stirring emotions and getting our message across. The team at HeymannBrandt GmbH understood our vision and helped us push the boundaries.


The actual production took place in the impressive LEDcave Studio in Berlin. A virtual production studio focused on the production of movies, commercials and live events. The special feature of the studio is a huge LED wall. It measures 40 x 6.5 metres with a diameter of 22 metres. The massive main wall has a fabulous resolution of 15,360 x 2,496 pixels, developed by the in-house LED experts. The atmosphere on set was electric as the director, cinematographers and actors worked hand in hand to stage every moment with the utmost care. Once the set was perfectly constructed, filming began. The lighting crew captured the right mood and the sound team ensured crystal clear dialogue. The actors embodied their characters with passion and moved effortlessly between scenes. The director led the day with enthusiasm and clear direction. The highlight was shooting a key scene with a professional raccoon, which impressed us all. The anticipation for the final result continued to grow.


After production, the spot was perfected in final post-production to create an immersive experience. Every pixel, every sound was tuned to captivate the audience. We show the result to a wide audience at the Movie Nights on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden. Every year the festival brings exciting movies and concerts to Elbflorenz, attracting visitors from all over Germany. Immerse yourself in the world behind the scenes of our cinema spot production "What's Next".

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