JOYNEXT Awarded HUAWEI’s Excellent Partner

On April 24th, HUAWEI Intelligent Cockpit Forum organized by Smart Automotive Solutions BU took place in Beijing. Based on years of technical collaboration and exchange in the intelligent cockpit, JOYNEXT has again been recognized with the prestigious HUAWEI Excellent Partner Award.

In recent years, as the automotive industry steers towards intelligent transformation, HUAWEI has been at the forefront, endowing vehicles with cutting-edge technology and offering users an unparalleled cockpit experience. JOYNEXT and HUAWEI have engaged in proactive and in-depth collaboration in intelligent cockpit, jointly exploring R&D, and implementing solutions for intelligent cockpit products. Now, select vehicle models equipped with collaborative products have entered mass production, while several other models are under development.


With advancements in human-machine interaction and cockpit sensing technologies, intelligent cockpit products are gradually expanding beyond the limitations of traditional cockpits, evolving into empathetic and comfortable “third living spaces.” Leveraging the mature HUAWEI ecosystem, the jointly-developed intelligent cockpit solution powered by HarmonyOS supports multimodal intelligent interactions, including gestures, physical movements, and intelligent voice commands. This allows for seamless connectivity between the cockpit, smartphones, homes, offices, and other scenarios, ushering in a new era of possibilities for the intelligent cockpit ecosystem in automotive living.

Looking ahead, JOYNEXT will leverage its R&D capabilities across multiple chip platforms to deliver flexible and diverse intelligent cockpit experiences to users. JOYNEXT is committed to providing customers with new intelligent cockpit technologies that meet the one-stop integrated development needs of full-scene, multi-device environments, further demonstrating the potential of the intelligent cockpit as a super terminal interface.



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