Jointly Exploring a New Era of User Experience Technology: JOYNEXT Steps into Volkswagen Anhui

From March 27th  to 28th , the 2024 Volkswagen Anhui Tech Day successfully concluded in Hefei, with JOYNEXT showcasing its latest product solutions in Intelligent Cockpit, Autonomous Driving, Smart Connectivity, and Body Security. During the tech day, JOYNEXT engaged in face-to-face discussions with key personnel from Volkswagen Anhui’s teams, to delve deeply into enhancing user experiences, focusing on delivering a highly personalized mobility experience that is empathic, safe and adaptable.



With the further development of cross-domain integration under the next-generation E/E architecture, aiming to optimize costs and support differentiated functionalities, JOYNEXT is strategically positioning itself to offer integrated solutions targeting central domain control, spanning intelligent cockpit, smart connectivity, and cockpit-driving integration. At this exhibition, JOYNEXT introduced solutions that facilitate rapid mass production for OEMs, specifically highlighting the nDrive series for autonomous driving, the nGene series for intelligent cockpit, and the nVision series for smart connectivity. Additionally, the unveiling of the new nSensor - UWB Sensing Solution for Body Security marked JOYNEXT’s forward-thinking approach and technological prowess in domain integration.



In recent years, JOYNEXT and Volkswagen Anhui have been deepening the cooperation in the fields of intelligent cockpit and smart connectivity, jointly promoting the mass production and popularization of automotive intelligent products. JOYNEXT’s intelligent cockpit and smart connectivity products can now be found in millions of vehicles worldwide, complemented by our capabilities in developing autonomous driving technologies and software products, which lay a solid foundation for the cockpit and driving fusion facing the era of Central Computing Units.


Looking ahead, JOYNEXT remains committed to its vision of “Next Technologies shape Mobility for Generations” and is dedicated to deepening its engagement with Volkswagen Anhui, both in terms of business and product collaboration. This partnership aims to continuously elevate user experiences, delivering empathetic, safe, and personalized journeys to Volkswagen Anhui’s customers.


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