JOYNEXT Accelerates the Development of Autonomous Driving under Globe for Future Mobility

[Dresden, Germany] – Tech AD Europe 2024, was held in Berlin from 10th-12th March and attracted over 600 industrial participants. JOYNEXT participated in the event and showcased its comprehensive autonomous driving products to OEMs and peers in Europe. In addition, Mr. Noby Mathew, Director Products & Strategy of JOYNEXT Europe, was invited to deliver a keynote speech titled "One-time development and optimizations of ADAS algorithm across regions on multiple platforms,” highlighting JOYNEXT’s expertise and capabilities in the developing autonomous driving products.


JOYNEXT nDrive series and nCCU series unveiled at Tech AD Europe 2024


As autonomous driving technology evolves and is increasingly applied in the market, there are many myriad challenges, including cost control, regulatory compliance, safety, processes and so on. Based on the different chip platforms, JOYNEXT offers different generation products to support different market requirements and diversified scenarios. nDrive series products (ADAS Domain Control Units) are positioned as cost-optimal, high-performance solutions for L2-L4 scenarios.


In his speech, Mr. Noby Mathew highlighted JOYNEXT’s innovative product strategy of ‘one-time development’. Mr. Noby Mathew explained that JOYNEXT products maximize re-use through modular standards and improve resource efficiency with proprietary Middleware Toolset, which benefits from reducing redundancy. This advantage not only streamlines the development process, but also ensures that JOYNEXT’s ADAS products are versatile, reliable, and meet the diverse needs of global customers.


Mr. Noby Mathew delivered a speech on the forum


Mr. Noby Mathew also highlighted JOYNEXT’s development in the field of autonomous driving technology. He further mentioned during the speech, “In response to the era of central computing, we launched the nDrive series products and nCCU series of Central Computing Units (CCU) last year, which have garnered widespread attention in the global market and have been the subject of in-depth technical discussions.” As a company with extensive experience in the automotive electronics industry, JOYNEXT is committed to providing platform-based, system-level solutions to industry.


JOYNEXT modular architecture of AD products


Looking to the future, innovation in autonomous driving technology requires efficient collaboration across the industry ecosystem such as Qualcomm, Horizon Robotics, Black Sesame, and so on. The deployment of new technologies depends on the concerted efforts between OEMs and suppliers. JOYNEXT is committed to working with many partners to accelerate the development of autonomous driving.



JOYNEXT is a leading AutoTech company, the Automotive Connectivity BU of Joyson Electronics. Headquarters in China, JOYNEXT marks our global presence in Germany, Poland, France, US, Japan, etc. We develop technologies for intelligent connected vehicles and provide a highly personalized mobility experience that is empathic, safe, and adaptable. Our 1,500+ employees work at 7 R&D centers, 3 global manufacturing locations, and 4 customer centers around the world.

For more than two decades, JOYNEXT has been working as the development partner and system supplier of renowned car manufacturers and established long-term partnerships with various well-known OEM’s. Putting ourselves in the shoes of users, we are consistently working on intelligent cockpit, smart connectivity, autonomous driving, and software solutions & services for both car makers and users, offering them a personalized mobility experience.

JOYNEXT is accelerating the shift to smart mobility with our integrated hardware and software solutions. Our intelligent cockpit and smart connectivity products can now be found in millions of vehicles worldwide, complemented by our capabilities in developing autonomous driving technologies and software products, which lay a solid foundation for the cockpit and driving fusion facing the era of Central Computing Units.

Balancing innovation with sustainability, we are committed to contributing to industry transformation together with our eco-partners, such as, Microsoft, HUAWEI, Brose, Qualcomm, Horizon Robotics, Black Sesame, Elektrobit, and QNX to deliver a smarter driving experience for end users.

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