JOYNEXT takes the black box for autonomous driving to a new technical level

Dresden. JOYNEXT is developing a black box, the DSSAD (Data Storage System for Automated Driving). The driving data storage system from the automotive electronics specialist enables the continuous recording of complex and extensive vehicle data structures such as CAN, GNSS and a variety of sensor data such as camera, V2X, LiDAR and radar data. Both a hardware and a software solution will be available on the market. This approach provides the flexibility to meet customer requirements and standards.


The DSSAD is a storage system that records vehicle-specific data during active highly automated driving (from level 3, the vehicle takes over driving control, no human intervention is required). This includes classic data such as vehicle system status, driving dynamics data and pre-processed environmental data recorded by sensors. The task of the memory system is to unambiguously determine the driver's responsibility and the driving conditions in order to process and improve potential errors.


The Europe-wide DSSAD regulation is currently being finalised by the UNECE, but its introduction is not yet scheduled. In China, the DSSAD regulation has already been finalised and is due to come into force from July 2024, with the full extension stage from July 2026. JOYNEXT benefits from its global presence in the European and Chinese markets for this technology and will develop market specific products in line with the regulations and timeframes. JOYNEXT will launch its solutions in line with the Chinese regulation in 2024.


JOYNEXT also offers seamless provisioning of scenario data natively in the DSSAD or via the JOYNEXT cloud service. This enables the creation of virtual scenarios from the recorded data of automated vehicles. "The reuse of recorded data has always been a fundamental part of software development in the field of highly automated driving. In combination with virtual simulation, algorithms can be prepared, trained, tested, and verified for as many scenarios as possible. The JOYNEXT solution offers car manufacturers an important tool for the further development of safe, highly automated driving functions based on real data," says Mathew Noby, Director Product & Strategy at JOYNEXT Europe. It enables vehicle manufacturers to train driving models and learn from real traffic events. Scenario Generation is JOYNEXT's most technologically advanced DSSAD solution. It uses various data sources such as CAN, GNSS and other vehicle sensor data to map the vehicle's own movement as well as the movement of its surroundings and other road users. This virtual representation of the driving situation based on vehicle data enables the vehicle manufacturer to read out the data quickly and easily, which can also be used as input for highly automated and autonomous driving models.


JOYNEXT's DSSAD uses the industry recognised HDF5 (Hierarchical Data Format) format for efficient data storage. This means that the high demands placed on an optimised storage system can be met in real time while the highly automated vehicles are in use. "Our DSSAD illustrates the future of data recording for highly automated driving," says Mathew Noby. “Within the large Asian market, we have been able to gain a lot of experience in the field of data recording in recent years. Our customers benefit from this experience and can use different product variants of our DSSAD black box in accordance with the country-specific regulations for highly automated vehicles from Level 3," says Mathew Noby.





Intelligent solutions for networked vehicles – that is JOYNEXT. We are working on future technologies that are becoming increasingly important for automobile manufacturers and their customers. Because on the way to autonomous driving, vehicle data communication with mobile devices such as smartphones, with other vehicles (V2V) or with infrastructure systems (V2X) is becoming increasingly important. JOYNEXT also deals with the new and further development of cloud-based services. We always strive to strike a balance between innovation and sustainability. When developing our products, the focus is on the end user, his needs and usage.


With more than 1,500 employees worldwide, JOYNEXT takes connected cars technology to a new level. We are present at seven locations; our development and innovation centers are in Dresden (Germany) and in Ningbo (China).


JOYNEXT is a direct supplier (Tier1) for the automotive industry and has been a development partner and system supplier of well-known automotive manufacturers for over 20 years. Our connected infotainment and smart connectivity gateway technologies can be found in well over ten million vehicles worldwide.  



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