Mastering complexity guarantees success 

JOYNEXT is a system integrator 
for sophisticated infotainment products 

JOYNEXT is a system integrator for high complexity products from the automotive technology segments 
in-vehicle infotainment, vehicle connectivity and telematics. As a core competence of JOYNEXT, the system 
integration field entails the development of first-class infotainment systems. The company creates custom 
combinations of software and hardware products to form tailored solutions for every customer, using both third-party 
and proprietary components. 

At JOYNEXT, we perform comprehensive integration tests to ensure that the combination of the different 
software and hardware ultimately results in a smoothly functioning infotainment system. 

The OEM requirements for the suppliers to be integrated are a particular challenge for JOYNEXT as a system integrator. In this area, we react flexibly and rapidly to new suppliers and component specifications again and again. Our employees’ years of expertise and specialist knowledge play a key role in our success. 

The rapid increase in the number of innovative components and supplier also makes system integration itself increasingly complex. JOYNEXT copes superbly with both challenges – changing suppliers and rising complexity – successfully and sustainably, to the benefit of our customers and always with an eye to the latest innovations for future applications in the in-vehicle infotainment sector. 

As a system integrator, JOYNEXT also delivers comprehensive verification of the functionality of the system architecture we produce based on customer specifications. If this is not the case, our experts will find the right new custom solutions and alternatives. 

Trust-based relationships with all 
stakeholders facilitates the coordination process 

JOYNEXT’s success as a system integrator is based on our often long-standing and 
trust-based relationships with automotive manufacturers, suppliers – both our own and those 
specified by customers – and other automotive specialists. We maintain a continuous open and 
fruitful dialogue with all stakeholders, so we can coordinate all steps of the system integration 
process closely, ensuring optimal results. 

We also know the needs and strict requirements 
of our automotive customers in detail, and can always find the right supplier for a given component, 
if the customer wants – and if we have not already developed it ourselves. 


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