Cybersecurity inside and outside the vehicle 

JOYNEXT makes data transfers between 
the vehicle environment and mobile devices secure 

As (inter)connectivity between vehicles and their environments increases, cybersecurity is becoming more 
and more important for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. This area is also a priority for us in our 
products and developments at JOYNEXT to ensure driver safety in highly automated traffic scenarios. 

Connectivity inside and outside vehicles is becoming increasingly complex, making the IT in our 
infotainment systems the focus of all safety requirements. Our security measures ensure smooth and, 
above all, secure data transfer between vehicles and mobile devices like smartphones or hands-free systems. 

Preventing data 
theft and hacks 

Tracking and evaluating potential attack scenarios is the basis for cybersecurity in our products. Our experts use this information to produce threat and risk analyses, including risks from USB sticks, Bluetooth connections and mobile networks. 

JOYNEXT uses a variety of methods and technologies to ensure our navigation, infotainment or driver 
assistance and vehicle IT system data security: from classic firewalls, to tried and tested software security 
architectures, right up to proven compression and encryption technologies in the connected world, such as 
OpenSSL (Secure Sockets Layer). OpenSSL encryption of Internet and network communication in particular 
is extremely important for cybersecurity to prevent data espionage, data theft and hacking. 

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