From design to 3D prototyping and finished products 

JOYNEXT offers full manufacturing 
services for mechanical systems 

JOYNEXT sees itself as a full-service provider for design and production of housings and mechanical 
components such as heat sinks for proprietary infotainment and assistance systems in the automotive interior sector. 

In the area of mechanical systems, we offer our customers
all work steps up to the finished system:


Brainstorming, Design & Coordination



3D Prototyping Methods



Functionality Tests & Quality Management



Automation & Delivery


The mechanical engineering services we offer our customers span all steps needed up to and 
including finished systems: from initial sketches to coordination with clients, right up to 
subsequent automatic control of manufacturing and delivery. 

JOYNEXT’s full-service mechanical engineering package also includes selecting materials, 
coordinating device specifications, function testing and 3D prototyping. 

We use innovative 3D printing-based 3D prototyping to make models, samples and prototypes 
faster. That allows us to make initial key conclusions on the required shape and feel of the products, 
e.g. external housings, in early development and design phases. 

Meeting the automotive industry’s 
high performance requirements 

The German automotive industry has very high 
performance requirements for the thermal design of 
infotainment and assistance systems

Here, JOYNEXT strikes the perfect balance between 
fitting extremely high-performance electronics and full functionality 
of the devices throughout the required temperature working 
range from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. 

01 | Brainstorming, Design & Coordination

Our skills and expertise are complemented by specialists from a wide range of different specialized fields to enable
complete in-house production – from the original brainstorming sessions right through to the design
and construction of our innovative products.

In the process, reliability is one of the values that shapes what we do right from the beginning. For us, this means maintaining the ultimate
precision – whether for first sketches, in the detailed design plans or during internal coordination.

02 | 3D Prototyping Methods

We use an innovative 3D prototyping method based on 3D printing methods to quickly
produce models, samples and prototypes.

This approach provides us with initial key findings about the required shape and feel of the products, e.g.
the outer enclosures, already at an early stage of the development and design process.

03 | Functionality Tests & Quality Management

For over 20 years now, JOYNEXT has been one of the largest manufacturers of innovative
technologies and quality products in the automotive interior sector.

All our products are subjected to the strictest functional testing requirements to ensure that we can continue to guarantee such
high quality standards. These range from requirements management to field testing all around the world – with highest
customer satisfaction on all sides the outcome.

04 | Automation & Delivery

Our products are realized using JOYNEXT’s in-house design and development principles, as part of
which it is implicitly assumed that all work steps are carried out perfectly. To constantly improve our
work processes, we deploy intelligent networking and automation at the right points.

Industry 4.0 accompanies us here – from our daily work to the delivery of our products.

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