Tailored and premium hardware development with a holistic approach 

Integration of processors 
with very high clock speeds 

Hardware development is one of infotainment specialist JOYNEXT’s core competencies: Developing complex circuit design using the latest process generations available on the market. A comprehensive simulation environment for electronics and PCB design helps us integrate processors with very high clock speeds in particular. 

Our experts strike the perfect balance between high performance of these system-on-chips on the PCB with increasing clock speeds and a reliable power supply, while complying with the limits for EMC radiation (EMC: ElectroMagnetic Compatibility). At the clock speeds of the controllers for our in-vehicle infotainment systems, JOYNEXT is pushing the boundaries of what is technologically feasible. 

Connectivity ensures smooth communication 
between systems 

Our years of experience in hardware development also includes extensive expertise and optimised application of 
communication and bus systems like CAN (Controller Area Network) for connection to peripheral components 
(speedometers) and MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) for transmitting audio and video signals. 
To ensure smooth communication between all physical systems used in connectivity systems, JOYNEXT 
integrates interfaces like Ethernet, USB 3.0, Bluetooth and WiFi. 


Electronic and mechanical 
integration and PCB design 

We implement our customers’ requirements – such as installation space specifications – consistently through cooperation 
between the mechanical development and electronic development departments in iterative steps in an initial design concept. 
In particular, this includes choosing suitable system components like a system-on-chip, RAM and flash memory or 
microcontrollers. That is how we put the system architecture on the PCB. The subsequent integration of electronic and 
mechanical systems is evaluated reliably with state-of-the-art tools. 

Using identical 3D models in mechanical and PCB design lets us identify problems – such as insufficient clearance between 
the component and housing – immediately. This integrative process leads to rapid optimisation of the device concept with 
optimal interfaces between mechanical components and PCBs. 

Testing: Sustainable verification 
of the designs and controllers 

For sustainable verification of the controllers, JOYNEXT also complies with the 
Automotive SPICE standard in hardware engineering. Automotive SPICE is intended 
to evaluate the performance of development processes at controller suppliers in 
the automotive industry. 

We verify and strictly assess the performance of our designs in hardware module 
tests, hardware mechanical integration tests, and even full system tests. Our 
development location in Dresden has fully equipped measurement laboratories, 
including EMC, acoustic, optical and mechanical laboratories, to tackle these 
challenging tasks. 


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