V2X: Automotive Communication from Vehicle-to-Vehicle or Vehicle-to-X

The car of the future is a connected vehicle that not only moves physically in the real traffic environment, but
also virtually in a data space. With its new software developments, JOYNEXT is already creating the conditions
to ensure that vehicles will be able to communicate with each other and with infrastructure. 

The infrastructure relates to light signal systems, traffic management and guidance systems, as well as communications
between cloud systems. Here, on the one hand it is about developing and coding the communication platform
and integrating it in the vehicle, and on the other it is about individual functions that can each be installed as apps.

Dresden – An Attractive
Test Field

Dresden is the perfect development site for this. The state
capital of Saxony is home to one of seven digital test fields
that have been installed across Germany that are funded
by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and
Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). In Dresden the focus is
on the area of “urban” traffic.

The city has an ultra-modern traffic management system in
the form of the VAMOS Traffic, Analysis, Management and
Optimisation System, which is capable of intelligently
networking the different traffic control and guidance systems
in the region. In addition a broad-based, interdisciplinary
consortium at the Technical University of Dresden is working
on the future 5G wireless air interface
standard and its concrete application potential – particularly
for the “Internet of Things” and the “Internet of Services”. 

In this environment, applications can be trialled in test vehicles that far exceed the “classic”
telematics features like stolen vehicle tracking, door locking/unlocking, fleet management, ePayment
or usage-based insurance (UBI). The application scenarios range from improved route planning
to innovative driver assistance systems.

In terms of automated driving, the “V2X” communication supplements the systems, which previously
only obtained information via the sensors. But already in conventional traffic the traffic telematics
offer benefits in terms of added safety, improved driving comfort and increased traffic quality
and environmental compatibility.


JOYNEXT as a Member of Joint Research Projects 

The mobility of the future offers a great deal of potential for new products and applications.
In order to identify new developments at an early stage and help shape their design, we also seek
out professional, expert dialogue with third parties. JOYNEXT is part of a large network.
Our developers are in close contact with players from research, science and industry – both within
and outside of Saxony – who are looking into future developments and application scenarios for automotive
products. Taking part in scientifically-based joint research projects is an important source from which
JOYNEXT draws its ability to innovate. We are currently involved in the following projects:

Automated Driving
in Urban Areas

The EU-funded SYNCAR project is all about finding solutions for anticipatory, automated driving, taking into account other road users and light signal systems.

Resource Management
System for Highly
Automated Urban
Traffic (REMAS)

This project, which is again funded by the EU, brings together and coordinates complex interdisciplinary activities in research and development.

Technologies for Intelligent
Transport Systems in
Saxony (IVS-Kom)

The participants in this project are working on a reference system for vehicle communication for connected mobility. In addition, an extension for cooperative highly automated driving will be defined. The project is supported with EU funds.

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