Digital signal processing to the highest standards 

JOYNEXT has been the industry 
benchmark for tuner technology for years 

When a car becomes a smart vehicle, this also places high requirements on receiver systems and 
signal processing. After all, vehicle data communication systems should remain interruption-free even if 
the connection is poor or when the vehicle drives through a tunnel. 

Here, JOYNEXT can offer exceptional competencies and skills. Our Software Defined Radio technology (SDR) 
covers all radio standards worldwide, from Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) to satellite radio, and can be freely expanded as 
required. JOYNEXT has defined the industry benchmark for tuner technology for years. 


Signal transmission – 
powerful and reliable 

With seamless linking, our technology ensures perfect synchronization of different reception methods in the event of reception problems. Antenna switching and weak signal processing  also help to ensure that an excellent reception level is always perceived in the vehicle. 

With the Connectivity Box, JOYNEXT has also created a key prerequisite for networked mobility. 
Whereas the focus for cars in the past was mainly on the reception of broadcasts from radio stations, today the 
reception of wireless telephony and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) data is also becoming ever more important. 

Within the vehicle, we also enable interruption-free usage of data transmission technologies like Bluetooth, WLAN and 
Near Field Communication (NFC). At our Dresden Development Center we are working on technologies for the Connected Car 
of today and for the autonomous vehicles of the future. 

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