Infotainment systems in the car of the future 

JOYNEXT combines operating systems 
for increased comfort and safety  

Mobile infotainment is becoming more individual and is constantly being refined and expanded. 
The flexibility of the smartphone world, such as the ease with which the appearance and operating 
concepts can be adapted and the capability for updating and upgrading thanks to the availability 
of different apps, has long also established itself in automobiles. 

Here, the solutions from JOYNEXT use various basic systems and integrate Android and iOS systems 
via different technologies – all the while ensuring strict separation of highly secure vehicle functions 
and dynamic apps at all times. 


More than just Android Auto and iOS 

To ensure that the electronic systems in the car are not only flexible and comfortable to use, but that they particularly also work reliably, safely and quickly, JOYNEXT uses different operating systems depending on the requirements. Our team of experts combines them in accordance with the customer’s specifications and adapts them to the hardware. 

Here, the bandwidth ranges from AUTOSAR and RTOS via QNX and Linux to Android. 

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in the fields of infotainment, connectivity and navigation. 

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