Route guidance with additional services 

Real-time navigation systems from JOYNEXT –
customer service from the cloud

Navigation with added value is one of the strengths of JOYNEXT. Our system is based on the 
world-wide map standard NDS. It also connects the vehicle via data and telematics services, which means 
that it can offer the driver so much more than just calculating the best route to a destination. 

The connection to the cloud improves the personalization of the navigation system and opens up a whole host 
of interesting services and functions. For example, the range of functions for intelligent single line destination entry, 
multi-stop guidance and inclusion of current traffic conditions or real-time weather information is being optimized. 

Hybrid navigation – 

individual and functionally scalable

The integration of brand new services is also conceivable. 
One attractive example would be a car parking service 
that guides the driver to a free parking space close to his/her 
destination in an unknown city – with the option of reserving 
and paying for the space in advance. 

Information about shopping options or points of interest, 
tailored to the interests of the driver, as well as a learning 
system that automatically adapts to the driver's individual 
route preferences, are further steps on the path to the 
personalization of navigation systems. 

Our navigation platform is functionally scalable. It also allows 
services from other suppliers to be integrated. In this way, software 
from the vehicle manufacturer or from third parties can be 
integrated in the cloud, for example for multimodal navigation 
including other means of transport, such as plane, bus or train. 

Navigation as a building block for automotive systems 

However, navigation can also form a self-sufficient part of telematics/connectivity or of the infotainment infrastructure. 
We can also offer lane-accurate navigation by incorporating camera information. The navigation system is also a key 
component for supporting the driver with augmented reality

In the process, our experts have extensive know-how in the field of high-accuracy positioning at their disposal and can 
build on the high failure safety and reliability of our systems. Hybrid navigation in real time is also an important prerequisite 
for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and for autonomous driving. 


Electronic horizon as key technology for autonomous driving

The term electronic horizon is used to describe a combination of accurate position determination, precise 
maps and cloud information such as traffic bulletins. It forms the basis for predictive driver assistance 
systems and is steadily gaining in importance. This data is not only made available to the driver, but can 
also be fed directly into vehicle systems. 

With the electronic horizon and high-precision positioning information, JOYNEXT can already offer vital basic 
technology for autonomous driving today. Vehicle connectivity is a core competence of our company. Mobility Cloud is an 
important building block for this and also for augmented reality functions. 

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