Memory space and processing capacity matched to specific needs 

Mobile Cloud Computing as a platform for
innovative services  

Offerings for infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in cars are becoming increasingly 
more extensive and sophisticated. Thanks to Mobility Cloud, despite the limited resources in a car it is possible 
to offer an attractive and innovative range of functions. Here, the onboard IT infrastructure in the vehicle is 
supplemented with external capacities, which are integrated via data communication. 

With the aid of Mobility Cloud, it is for example possible to design state-of-the-art real-time navigation systems capable of 
offering more than just detailed maps that are always up-to-date. In addition, they offer many different ways to 
integrate additional services and also allow for the individualization of various functions. 


“Over the air” updates also for
embedded software of vehicle manufacturers 

As a platform, the cloud can also integrate services from other suppliers 
or from OEMs. In the “Connected Car” of the future, the cloud will also 
be used by car manufacturers to perform software updates for vehicle systems. 
In the past, this always meant taking the car to the workshop. 

With Mobility Cloud from JOYNEXT, this time-intensive approach is no 
longer needed, and thanks to the “software over the air” capability, in future 
manufacturers will be able to update software in the vehicle at any time or 
install new features and functions. Even troubleshooting and remote diagnostics 
via Mobility Cloud are conceivable. 

Since safety is paramount in road traffic applications, Mobile Cloud Computing from JOYNEXT 
offers the highest levels of quality and failure safety – 24/7. Our experts ensure that the software and 
technology meet the highest requirements. In addition, our Operating Center Support is on hand around 
the clock to guarantee that everything works as it should. 

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