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System integrator JOYNEXT makes visions a reality

As a system integration specialist, JOYNEXT combines proprietary systems and third-party 
products – like navigation systems, driver assistance systems, mobile communication, audio/video and 
other functions – in a central control console. The entire system is controlled by a central computer. 

In future, this computer will be able to control displays showing important information in the driver’s field 
of vision. The experts at JOYNEXT have been following this new in-vehicle infotainment research field 
with great interest, to enable it to react to new developments and market needs as experienced system integrators. 

JOYNEXT allows drivers
and passengers to use a smartphone
via a display in the car

Mobile device functions can be used in vehicles with mirroring 
technologies. They transfer content from smartphones to a 
display in the vehicle and show it there (‘mirroring’). Conversely, 
users can operate the mobile device with the vehicle’s 
infotainment system. 

JOYNEXT offers mirroring technology solutions for a 
range of platforms like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, SDL 
(SmartDeviceLink) or MirrorLink. 

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in the fields of infotainment, connectivity and navigation. 

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