Personalized and empathic Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for increased safety and comfort

JOYNEXT develops Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Classic Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) focus externally on the vehicle. They have access to 
the powertrain and to the vehicle management and control systems and help to avoid accidents and reduce fuel 
consumption, thereby increasing fuel efficiency. Many of these systems are already equipped as standard, and 
modern vehicles could no longer be imagined without them. Cruise control, electronic stability program (ESP), 
anti-lock brake system (ABS), emergency brake assistant or parking aids are all systems that support the driver. 
Other systems such as tire pressure monitoring systems, blind spot monitoring and distance warning/forward 
alert anti-collision systems warn drivers about critical systems. 


The data required for the vehicle assistance systems is supplied by sensors that monitor various vehicle components and the vehicle surroundings. This is often done by combining measured values from
multiple sensor systems. The large data volumes that are collected in the process are automatically evaluated. In the networked traffic systems of the future, this will be supplemented with further information from the cloud, from other vehicles or from smart infrastructure. 

This means that communication is becoming increasingly more important for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems as well. JOYNEXT is helping shape this trend with its own developments. We are already linking Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with future topics such as cloud services, telematics and autonomous driving.

Empathic Assistant shifts
focus to driver comfort and wellbeing

A new generation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems 
has an inward focus on the driver and looks after the comfort 
and wellbeing of the driver. JOYNEXT is working on 
a Driver Monitoring System (DMS), which uses biosensors 
and an Empathic Assistant to detect the emotional and physical 
state of the driver and respond accordingly. In extreme 
emergencies, such as serious health problems, this system 
could even stop the vehicle and send out an emergency 
call for assistance. 

The Empathic Assistant from JOYNEXT also adapts to the load on the driver – and in the long 
term, it is planned for the system to also monitor the wellbeing of passengers in the car. At present, 
if the driver is stressed the system will only display information that is important for driving safety. 
Apart from this, it can e.g. block incoming calls. 

User experience and augmented reality are among the core competences of JOYNEXT. 
At our Dresden Development Center, experts are working on intelligent systems that are capable of analyzing 
information and selecting relevant information and presenting it in an appropriate format so that it can help 
the driver and offer assistance in specific situations. 


Vehicle recognizes the driver
and responds to his/her preferences

When it comes to the wellbeing of the driver, this is where the topic of personalization 
comes into play. If a car is used by several drivers, in the past it was always necessary 
to make numerous manual adjustments whenever the driver changed – from adjusting 
the seat and mirrors to calling up preferred air conditioning settings and selecting the 
favorite radio station. With a personalization system, this effort is reduced significantly. 
JOYNEXT is one of the pioneers of the technology required to do this. 

Here, the preferences and personal settings of each driver are saved in the car as a 
data record by the software and can be called up at any time whenever required. 
This enables each driver to create his or her preferred ambience in the car – from the 
interior temperature to the displays and the volume of any signals. 

Depending on the vehicle model and equipment level, various services can be 
personalized. The number of functions that can be adapted to personal preferences 
is set to grow significantly over the coming years. For example, the navigation system 
can also take into account the preferences and interests of the driver. 


Natural speech as an additional feature

Natural speech voice control is a feature that can be added to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and 
infotainment systems – also independently of the Driver Monitoring System. These new speech-based assistant 
systems react to a natural, intuitive flow of speech and make voice-controlled operation and control of a range of different 
functions and assistance systems in the car even more user-friendly. Work is in progress in the development department 
of JOYNEXT to incorporate natural speech functions in the overall system. 

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