Car2X communication – reliable and secure 

Connectivity for the networked mobility of the future 

“Always on”, i.e. always online – this applies to cars as well. Today, smartphones and automobiles can already 
be connected seamlessly to each other. Drivers can make calls comfortably, play back music etc. 

Information from cellphones is shown on the display of the vehicle – with technology from JOYNEXT. 
Other external devices like tablets or USB sticks can also be connected to the vehicle-specific entertainment and information system. 

With our Connectivity Box, we have created the requirements for ensuring that the connection remains stable – regardless 
whether a vehicle is in the city or out on the roads in the mountains, on a motorway or driving through a tunnel. Whether 
WLAN or mobile telephony, our software always chooses the best option. 

Connecting Smart City and autonomous vehicles 

Because mobility is becoming more and more networked, JOYNEXT offers the competences that 
are going to be increasingly in demand in the near future: exchanging information between the vehicle and 
its surroundings, for example for avoiding waiting times at traffic lights or for spotting tailbacks 
and congestion in advance. 

Intelligent traffic control systems are already set to significantly boost road traffic safety and driving comfort 
in the near future. 

Solutions are also required for autonomous driving that securely and reliably 
enable a direct exchange of data between vehicles (Car2Car) and 
communication between the automobile and smart infrastructure (Car2X).  

The new mobile network standard 5G will help to ensure that networked 
mobility becomes commonplace. We are developing appropriate technologies 
for this standard. Experts from JOYNEXT are already working 
together with scientists and researchers on the standards of the future. 

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