From navigation to collision prevention 

Innovative Advanced Driver Assistance Systems with augmented reality (AR) 

In the car of the future, thanks to augmented reality drivers will have all the important information 
they need ready before their eyes at all times. No need to look away at various displays, no distractions 
for the driver, and a much safer and more comfortable driving experience – this is promised by new 
technologies such as the AR Creator, on which developers at JOYNEXT are currently working. 

Augmented reality means that the real world is augmented with the virtual world. AR methods assist people 
by presenting complex situations in a manner that is easy to understand and appropriate for the situation. 
One such example is a reversing camera with a proximity warning sensor, which is a great help during reversing. 


Route information on 
smart windshields 

The data used and brought together by the AR Creator comes partly from the cloud. Another important data source is the sensors with which the vehicle is equipped. In addition, future vehicles will also communicate with each other and with the traffic infrastructure and exchange data. This enables the system to warn the driver directly about specific dangers. 


With the aid of an interactive windshield, which functions like a display, AR methods can 
also display navigation instructions in real time and far more comfortably than before in the 
direct line of sight of the driver. They are embedded in the real environment – making them 
faster and easier to take in than on an abstract map. 

This “virtual travel guide” can also offer further information if required, such as road names, house numbers, restaurant recommendations, points of interest, parking options or places to shop. 

Vehicle speed, traffic reports and other warning information can also be shown via the system. 
This is why smart windshields and the technology behind them are no longer just concepts for the 
future at JOYNEXT – instead, they have already been the focus of considerable 
development efforts for quite some time. 

Research and development for future technology 

In terms of technology, this type of head-up display is highly sophisticated and very challenging to 
realize because of the need to display the information correctly in terms of perspective. In addition, 
certain vehicle movements – such as those resulting from a bumpy road surface – need to be 
compensated for through calculations. Latency – or system-related delay times – plays an important 
role in this context, because augmented reality in road traffic is a time-critical system that must 
be able to react very quickly. 

High-precision position detection as the basis for AR navigation is already one of the strengths of JOYNEXT today. 
When it is combined with accurate lane detection, functions such as lane change recommendations, lane departure 
warning systems and collision avoidance can be incorporated. Augmented reality offers many different ways to support 
the driver effectively and is definitely a key topic for the future. 

Augmented reality enables new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems 

Meshing the real world with the data world also opens up the possibility of brand new functions. For example, navigation systems will be able to warn the driver in future if the vertical clearance of bridges is too low for their vehicle. Up-to-the-minute information about traffic flow, including warnings if a driver is approaching a tailback, will help to avoid accidents and save lives. 

Innovative Advanced Driver Assistance Systems based on such precise information are currently being developed at the Dresden Development Center of JOYNEXT. 

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