Helping shape the future with NDS.Live

JOYNEXT is participating in trials of the new NDS.Live standard for real-time navigation data use.

Dresden. JOYNEXT, specialists for networked vehicle technologies, is a partner in the NDS.Live project joint development team and involved in testing the technology. The new NDS.Live technology takes the standard, which is already deployed by automotive manufacturers and providers of map data and navigation systems worldwide, to the next level. The next generation of the NDS specifications is designed to support connected and automated vehicles now and in the future.

JOYNEXT has already been a member of the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) association for many years. For example, the navigation system JOYNEXT developed for a well-known German OEM NDS map data. “The last NDS version is based on map material stored in the vehicle itself,” explains Manuela-Bianca Steinhübel, Corporate CTO at JOYNEXT. Modern vehicles are networked with their surroundings, allowing them to access up-to-date information virtually live. As a result, NDS.Live will not only make far more precise map material possible in future, but also feature interfaces to combine the data with services like ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) – up to and including autonomous driving. “That’s extremely interesting for our product range, which is why we’re actively involved in the development, and already trialing the new standard in specific use cases,” adds Manuela-Bianca Steinhübel.

Findings to be presented at a conference on September 24

NDS.Live is designed to deliver HD quality map data in real time. The project group is currently evaluating how well the concept works at present. Developers from JOYNEXT are also involved in the trial process: “We’re currently developing a demo application that accesses NDS.Live data from map providers,” explains Frank Aurich, Software Engineer at JOYNEXT, adding: “We plan to test the system in the weeks to come.” All project participants will present their findings at a conference on September 24, 2020.

Close cooperation with OEMs and other Tier 1 vendors

JOYNEXT has significant proactive interest in the new standard. “We want to look into it now, before our customers start inquiring about it,” says Steinhübel. “Our goal is to help shape this global standard. That let us tailor it for maximum utility in our application. Participating in NDS.Live enables us to prepare for tomorrow’s projects and build expertise. NDS also gives us an opportunity to work with leading OEMs and other Tier 1 vendors.”

JOYNEXT is an active member of the NDS consortium and involved in various working groups to advance the NDS standard. For instance, the company is currently part of the Tooling Board, the Change Control Board and the Validation Suite Board as well as the superordinate Technical Committee and the Validation Certification Board. “We are happy to help improve the standard,” stresses Stavros Mitrakis, CEO at JOYNEXT GmbH. “Many OEMs in Europe, America and Asia use the NDS standard. We can help shape the future with NDS.Live – and we’re very proud of that.”


About NDS

NDS, short for Navigation Data Standard, is the worldwide standard for map data in automotive eco-systems.

NDS maps work worldwide and are globally adopted. NDS members and map coverage include North America, EMEA, APAC, including China, South Korea, and Japan. NDS offers a well-defined spec for map data supporting automated driving, ADAS, and navigation - and it allows flexibility for customized user experiences. The NDS specification covers the data model, storage format, interfaces, and protocols. NDS.Live is the next generation the specification and it will continue to ensure the interoperability of applications, maps, and services that is one of the key objectives of NDS. At the same time, it offers more flexibility in terms of data management and deployment. NDS.Live will cover the specification for standard and HD map data models and allow a combination of these with services via APIs for automated driving, ADAS, and navigation.

NDS evolves with the market needs as NDS is for the automotive industry, by the automotive industry. The NDS association has 41 members: Automotive OEMs, system and solution vendors, and map data suppliers. The advantage of a data standardization like NDS is that it creates broad consensus in our industry on the best path forward, made by the best engineers and expert available from multiple companies.



Intelligent solutions for networked vehicles – that is JOYNEXT. We are working on future technologies that are becoming increasingly important for automobile manufacturers and their customers. Because on the way to autonomous driving, vehicle data communication with mobile devices such as smartphones, with other vehicles (V2V) or with infrastructure systems (V2X) is becoming increasingly important. JOYNEXT also deals with the new and further development of cloud based services. We always strive to strike a balance between innovation and sustainability. When developing our products, the focus is on the end user, his needs and usage.

With more than 1,200 employees worldwide, JOYNEXT takes connected cars technology to a new level. We are present at seven locations; our development and innovation centres are located in Dresden (Germany) and in Ningbo (China).

JOYNEXT is a direct supplier (Tier1) for the automotive industry and has been a development partner and system supplier of well-known automotive manufacturers for over 20 years. Our connected infotainment and smart connectivity gateway technologies can be found in well over ten million vehicles worldwide.



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