JOYNEXT launches Android IVI Extension Box

JOYNEXT launches Android IVI Extension Box

The company is the first to implement native Android Automotive Embedded in production vehicles in China

Dresden/Ningbo. World’s first for production vehicles: The JOYNEXT GmbH Android IVI Extension Box is the first to enable integration of Android OS 9 Pie as an Android IVI Extension Box. It allows the car itself to support Android functions, without requiring a connected smartphone. The solution, which is entering the Chinese market, was developed for a well-known European OEM.

“The Chinese market is an eager adopter of innovations, and sometimes even demands them,” says Stavros Mitrakis, CEO of JOYNEXT GmbH in Dresden. “Customers want to use exactly the same apps they have on their smartphones in their cars.”

Low power draw essential for automotive use

JOYNEXT’s Android IVI Extension Box delivers Android applications to in-car systems. The plug-and-play box supplements the vehicle’s head unit, supporting all Android functions. Unlike previous solutions, no smartphones or hypervisors are required. All communications run through the vehicle, with the head unit serving as a router. JOYNEXT also integrated a custom security concept in the software to facilitate this.

The Android IVI Extension Box components and operating modes were chosen and optimized to meet the specific requirements in the vehicle. Essential features include a low power draw and a long service life.

Over-the-air updates for apps and security patches

OEMs can specify the interface design and the selection of apps available in the App Store. That means apps popular locally can be installed via the OEM’s dedicated App Store.

The Android IVI Extension Box also showcases an innovation by JOYNEXT, an attractive upgrade to previous technical solutions. Usually, automotive manufacturers can only approve head unit software as a whole. As a result, the system can only be updated in its entirety, as every update affects the overall system. This procedure is very labor-intensive.

As a separate system, the JOYNEXT Android IVI Extension Box is completely independent and can be updated far more regularly. The design also keeps the Android system sandboxed from the vehicle system for an additional layer of security. Separating the head unit and the Android IVI Extension Box reduces the development workload for the automotive manufacturer, also increasing the speed at which new features can be implemented.

Fast development, with no quality compromises

“We were able to implement this project very rapidly without compromising on quality,” says Mitrakis. “That’s what the market wants and expects.” From nomination to the start of volume production in Changchun, the Android IVI Extension Box development project took just one and a half years, reports the CEO of the Dresden-based company.

Chinese market driving innovation

Another new aspect is China serving as the lead market for a premium innovation of this kind. That was a new experience for the experts from Dresden. The JOYNEXT Android IVI Extension Box was created in response to customer requests. With the infrastructure available in China, the technology already has several applications there today.

For example, a parking app guides drivers to a car park and tells them how much it will cost, eliminating the need for parking tickets. Users are charged electronically when they leave the car park, and can pay using a payment app like WeChat. The vehicle is identified via its license plate, and the barrier opens after they pay, allowing the car to exit the car park. When fueling up in China, Android users can also check the prices using a fuel price app and pay using WeChat, for example. “The JOYNEXT Android IVI Extension Box is the key interface for all of these automotive Android applications,” summarizes Stavros Mitrakis.



Intelligent solutions for networked vehicles – that is JOYNEXT. We are working on future technologies that are becoming increasingly important for automobile manufacturers and their customers. Because on the way to autonomous driving, vehicle data communication with mobile devices such as smartphones, with other vehicles (V2V) or with infrastructure systems (V2X) is becoming increasingly important. JOYNEXT also deals with the new and further development of cloud based services. We always strive to strike a balance between innovation and sustainability. When developing our products, the focus is on the end user, his needs and usage.

With more than 1,200 employees worldwide, JOYNEXT takes connected cars technology to a new level. We are present at seven locations; our development and innovation centres are located in Dresden (Germany) and in Ningbo (China).

JOYNEXT is a direct supplier (Tier1) for the automotive industry and has been a development partner and system supplier of well-known automotive manufacturers for over 20 years. Our connected infotainment and smart connectivity gateway technologies can be found in well over ten million vehicles worldwide.



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