Cooperation with a future: Preh Car Connect implements "over-the-air" technology from Excelfore for its own Android Embedded Module

The eSyncTM system enables wireless updates and feedback between module and cloud 

Dresden/Fremont (California). Innovation in a double pack offers the latest cooperation between Preh Car Connect and the US-American company Excelfore: In future, the Dresden-based innovation driver will implement the eSyncTM platform from Excelfore to provide "over the air" update functions (OTA) for the Preh Android Embedded Module (AEM). A major European car manufacturer is expected to deliver new vehicles with the AEM from Preh Car Connect from the first quarter of 2020.

Excelfore, based in California's Silicon Valley, is a specialist in the field of wireless vehicle and data aggregation technologies "over the air" (OTA). With its eSyncTM system, Excelfore offers an innovative solution for a "vehicle-to-cloud network". The eSync™ platform uses a server-client-agent architecture to build a scalable and secure data link between the cloud and the various electronic devices in a vehicle. 

On the one hand, software and firmware in the vehicle can be updated quickly and regularly via  eSyncTM unsing OTA – without the vehicle having to go to the workshop for updates. This saves time and costs. On the other hand, real-time operating data from all eSyncTM-compatible devices in the vehicle can be recorded and collected via eSyncTM and used for optimization and further development. The platform works in both directions (bidirectional).

For Preh Car Connect, this OTA innovation is the perfect addition to the Android Embedded Module (AEM) developed in Dresden. With the AEM, Preh Car Connect enables the use of android apps on a vehicle's existing infotainment systems. The module is connected to the head unit via an USB interface. Up to three displays can be connected to it. Excelfore offers a full implementation of the eSyncTM line for Preh Car Connect, including the server software in the cloud and the client and agent firmware for the AEM.

Stavros Mitrakis, CEO of Preh Car Connect, is very optimistic about the new cooperation and the prospects it offers: "Among our customers, well-known international vehicle manufacturers, the demands on OTA technologies with regard to electronic end devices in the vehicle are increasing. We have to react promptly to this with our products. Excelfore's scalable eSync technology enables us to grow with the OTA requirements of our customers. In addition, it offers standardization for long-term economies of scale and data security, which is of great importance to consumers. Furthermore, eSync can be easily adapted to different OTA guidelines worldwide. This allows us to deploy our products, in this case the AEM, in new regions without having to redevelop the OTA platform".

California is also enthusiastic about the cooperation with Preh Car Connect. Shrinath Acharya, CEO of Excelfore, says: "We see PCC's growing strength in innovative software for the connected vehicle“. He adds: "PCC's close relationships with major European vehicle manufacturers (OEMs), combined with its global presence, will enable the early introduction of this solution in the Asian, European and North American automotive markets“.

The Excelfore boss is correct with this assumption: A large European car manufacturer is expected to deliver new vehicles with the AEM from Preh Car Connect the first quarter of 2020.

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