Closing event for successful funding projects at Dresden Airport

Preh Car Connect Dresden focuses on networking and connectivity developments 

Saxony’s economy is not only strong, but also forward-looking. Its companies and research institutions demonstrated just how advanced they are, especially in the field of e-mobility, at Dresden Airport during “Synchronous Mobility 2023”, a high-tech initiative for connected and automated driving. At the closing event for the funded projects REMAS, HarmonizeDD and SYNCAR, exemplary test drives were also carried out on the B97 federal highway leading to the airport. Preh Car Connect (PCC) has made a significant contribution to the success of the funded projects and the event with a series of recent developments. 

In addition to Preh Car Connect, project partners also include BMW, Vodafone, IAV, NXP, Fraunhofer IVI, TU Dresden, TU Chemnitz, FSD, FusionSystems, Dresden Elektronik, IVM, Mugler, and Noritel. The event was organized by the Saxon Energy Agency (SAENA). 

PCC presented, among other its other innovations, its Connectivity Box and a V2X application in Dresden, which enables vehicles to communicate with, for example, transport infrastructure and other vehicles. Visitors were also able to experience which Android-supported features can be displayed by networking with a central computer for infotainment applications and navigation. 

“In the project network, we have been able to demonstrate the communication possibilities between automated and non-automated connected vehicles, as well as traffic lights, in driving mode on the road” explains PCC Managing Director Stavros Mitrakis. “By using our connectivity boxes and integrating new message formats, we have made cooperative maneuvers a live experience for the first time. Processes such as a cooperative lane change will play an important role in the development of highly-automated and autonomous driving functions in the future. Our developments have once again enabled us to draw the attention of several well-known car manufacturers in Dresden.”

Preh Car Connect is currently involved in the REMAS, HarmonizeDD and SYNCAR projects as part of Saxony’s high-tech “Synchronous Mobility 2023” initiative, which is receiving European and federal funding. REMAS stands for Resource Management System and aims to bring together resources and activities for the development, testing and operation of applications of actors working on highly automated urban transport. The HarmonizeDD funded project aims to create an overall concept to support both automated and non-automated connected vehicles in the inner-city area. Finally, SYNCAR promotes the development of novel solutions “for predictive automated driving with cooperative coordination with other road users and light signaling systems”.

PCC in Dresden will soon have yet another opportunity to present its innovations. In December, the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM) will be held in Saxony’s state capital Dresden, where PCC will present its deeply-integrated V2X communication in the vehicle. 

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