Connected Future: When vehicles talk to each other

Preh Car Connect at the IAA with Innovative
Developments in Infotainment and Vehicle Networking 

Frankfurt/Dresden, 09.10.2019. Preh Car Connect (PCC) is appearing with four demonstrators at the IAA in Frankfurt. With the slogan “Connected Future”, the automotive supplier from Dresden is once again underlining its expertise in the areas of automotive connectivity, car infotainment and navigation. The focus of PCC’s trade fair presentation is, in particular, a demonstrator for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), including a virtual office assistant. With the help of another V2X demonstrator, PCC will show at the fair what is new in communication between vehicles and between vehicles and traffic infrastructure, such as construction sites or traffic lights. The exhibition will be rounded off with demonstrators for Android applications on the driver’s side, as well as for a remote tuner module from the company. PCC will be exhibiting in Hall 8, Booth D39 from September 10 to 22, 2019. 

The IVI demonstrator will be shown at the IAA in the form of a car interior but highlighting in particular the software behind the hardware with three displays: a virtual assistant which takes care of the driver, office applications, and above all safety warnings for various dangerous situations. The cloud-based intelligence behind the system can not only display and announce pending appointments via voice control – including those made by third parties. In addition, the system can navigate to the desired location and also recognize when a meeting will not be reached on time due to traffic congestion. The virtual assistant then proposes, for example, an online meeting, searches for a parking space, pays for it by e-pay, and displays the booked parking space on arrival with augmented reality or an animated video. 

In addition, the driver is warned by further applications when a collision with another vehicle, a cyclist, or a pedestrian threatens – provided that these road users are also equipped with an appropriate communication system.  

All elements can also be controlled by the front passenger because content can be pushed seamlessly from one screen to the other and applications can be used simultaneously. The passenger can therefore select a music program while the driver operates the navigation system.

Communication between vehicles and between transport infrastructure and nearby vehicles is the focus of the V2X demonstrator. The core element is PCC’s Connectivity Box, which networks vehicles or infrastructure units with each other. The V2X demonstrator highlights cooperative driving based on the example of a lane change or a construction site with narrow lanes. The early exchange of information, and thus the possible adaptation of speeds and maneuvers, not only reduces dangers, but also congestion. In a second use case, the so-called cooperative turn is demonstrated. Based on the communication, as well as the adapted speeds and maneuvers, this leads to more efficient driving – for example, when an oncoming vehicle is signaled to reduce the speed and renounce the right of way.  

With the Android Embedded Module, another demonstrator shown at the IAA, PCC enables the use of Android apps on a vehicle’s existing infotainment systems. The module is connected to the head unit via a USB interface and allows the connection of up to three displays.

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