Cloud Service Center

The demand for information that is only available online and that is made available via navigation devices has grown strongly in recent years. Current information is processed directly in the cloud and issued via the navigation device. For example, it shows which parking spaces are available, gas station prices, where traffic jams are located and much more. The map material is constantly updated. In order to meet these requirements, Preh Car Connect has been successfully establishing the "Operational Service" for cloud infrastructure for one and a half years. The goal of this area is to build an innovative, cloud-based overall system.

To be able to provide this information ad hoc, data centers collect information that is processed accordingly. One challenge is the scalability of the services. For example, there are significantly fewer people on the roads at night than during the day. This means that the information must be available just as quickly at peak times as at night.

Another challenge is data security. Information generated in certain countries may not leave the country borders and personal data may not be processed. Preh Car Connect also guaranteed this.

In operational service, contact persons are available at all times to take over the availability, protection and monitoring of the data.

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