More safety in bus traffic thanks to an integrated fire detection system

In a cooperation project with Joyson Safety Systems (JSS), Dresden-based Preh Car Connect (PCC) has developed a suitable technology to comply with the 2019 legal requirement to integrate a fire detection system in the engine compartment of buses and presented a near-series solution at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover. 

PCC supplies the software and hardware while JSS is responsible for the extinguishing system. The fire detection system consists of two parts, a control unit and a display unit to inform the driver. So-called Linear Heat Detection Wires are installed in the engine compartment of the buses and melt at a temperature of over 180 degrees Celsius. This in turn triggers a short circuit, which is detected accordingly. After a fire has been detected, the driver is informed via the display unit, while the gas generator of the extinguishing system is activated via ignition leads, so-called squibs, and starts the extinguishing process with powder. The system can be extended according to customer's requests, e.g. by automatic suppression systems to facilitate the emergency exit of passengers via the side windows.

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