Preh Car Connect expands its location in Dresden Merbitz

Dresden. Within 17 weeks, the automotive supplier has created 2,000 square meters of workspace. In the first half of 2017, the company created over 100 new jobs. With these new hires, Preh Car Connect is strengthening its research and development activities in particular. In order to meet the associated space requirements as quickly as possible, a new office building was made available as a rental property with a high standard of quality and appearance.

The realization of the 2-storey office building took only 17 weeks, from the production of the new room modules to the assembly in Dresden. 108 room modules were transported to Saxony for the 2,000 square meters of usable space.

The rented building offers space for 150 employees. The 81 x 12 m office building impressively demonstrates that an interim container building can also be adapted to the specific requirements of a company. The high-quality interior meets the demanding requirements of Preh Car Connect and ensures good working conditions.

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